Gallery of art by Kevin Jon  Malone ©

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New Oil Paintings
Landscapes, silhouettes, seascapes, African scenes, dancing scenes 

                                New oil painting 20"x16". in a silver frame    Autumn walk        £220.00.   P&p included

                               new oil painting 30"x24".          'Broadstairs early morning'.      £650.00 P&P not included

                      New oil painting 40"x20"                  It's this way !!!    £420.00     P&P not included

 New oil painting in palette knife 31"x24". includes black frame  Winter shopping  £650.00 P&P not included

                          Oil painting    24"x30" with3" wooden frame.    Stone bay. Sold

Oil painting 24"x18" + 2"painted metallic gold frame.  Kingsgate bay.  £335.00 P&P not included

                                   Oil painting 20"x16' + black frame          Joss bay, Broadstairs     Sold

                                  Oil painting.  12"x9". in black frame.   Stone bay, far end.    Sold

                                     Oil painting 18"x20"      Early morning Broadstairs.       Sold

                                       New oil painting  40"x20" in a black frame  Parklife   Sold

                         Oil painting 40"x20". in a black frame          The City.    Sold

Oil painting 20"x40"  Pallet knife & Brush.                Commission.

                               oil painting 40" x 20".   A dance in the park.   Sold

                                         Oil painting. 20"x16"   St Paul's  commission

                                  Commission painting of,     Viking bay beach

                                                                 oil painting 20"x16".      Stone bay   commission

                                   Oil painting 24"x 30".  in Palette knife      Sunrise at the Pier.     Sold

   40"x 40" (1015mmx 1015mm) Oil painting in brush & palette knife. 'A dance in a City', in a stunning black frame. 

                                                      Oil Painting. 20"x16"      Stone bay.         Sold

                           Oil painting 18"x24"      A wet afternoon in Paris.    Sold

   40"x 48" (1015mmx 1220mm) Large box canvas 36mm box edge  'Moon Dance'  African art oil Painting in Palette Knife.
9.00 P&P not included

                           New oil painting 16"x20". in a frame.     Pleased to meet ya!!   £169.00. P&P not included

             New oil painting 16"x20". Gold frame       Ladies dance in the rain.   £169.00 P&P not included

                                              New oil painting 20"x16".       The dog!  in a frame.    £169.00 P&P not included

                                                              New   Oil painting   20"x16".     It's pouring.    in a silver frame  Sold

                                    New oil painting 20"x16"    Dancing in a downpour  in a black frame Sold

                                                   New    Oil painting  20"x16".       The Lamp post.    Sold   

                                            New    Oil painting 20"x16"  Splashing in the rain. in a silver frame  £169.00 P&P not included

                                                           Oil painting 20"x16"  Let the brolly a silver frame    Sold

                                                Oil painting  20" x 16"  Just as well, have a dance.    Sold

                                                 Oil painting 20" x 16".       A long wet walk home.   Sold

                                               Oil painting  20"x16".       A dance in the street.      Sold

                                                      oil painting 20" x 16".    A dance in the rain.       Sold

                                                oil painting        Red brolly & kittens  Sold

                                                                      Oil painting.   Under the lamp.      Sold

                                                oil painting.        A brolly'n'mac for a dance in the rain.  sold

 Large 40"x 48" (1015mm x 1220mm)  oil painting,  'Dumpton Gap', Broadstairs (looking across to King George VI park, towards Ramsgate).   on a 36mm box canvas.                                                £689.00 P&P not included

                         60"x 40"(1520mm x 1015mm) Large palette knife"The mad midday fishing party".
                                                £1,049.00 P&P not included, on 36mm box canvas.

                                                                   Oil painting.      The baobab trees.      Sold

                              24" x 36"oil painting.(610mm x 915mm)      "Old Deal"    £329.00 P&P not included

                                                Large 40"x48"  'And the night falls into the woods'  
                            (1015mm x 1220mm) oil painting, on a 36mm box edge  £1,059.00 not including P&P

                      Large 40"x48" (1015mm x 1220mm) oil painting 'The spirits in the wood'(Ranthambhore NP, India). SOLD

                                    16"x20"(410mm x 510mm)  oil painting 'Stone bay', Broadstairs.      SOLD

 Oil painting with antique silver frame  .(410mm x 510mm)  Kingsgate Bay  Sold

                                                 Oil painting    26" x 30".        Skyfall.   £300.00. P&P not included

                                       Oil painting.                   A city at work.        Sold

                                                          Oil painting.     We're going home.  459.00 P&P not included

                         oil painting 26"x31"(660mm x 790mm) 'Alone in Paris', in a black frame.
                                                                                             £419.00 not including P&P

                               30"x40"(760mm x 1220mm) oil painting.  'A shack with a view' (in the Caribbean sea). Sold

                                                    Oil painting.        Winter looms (Autumn walk).  Sold

                             25"x36" (635mm x 920mm) oil painting. 'After the storm' (Broadstairs harbour)  Sold

                                                     Oil painting 16"x20".     The Terminal.        Sold

                                                                 African art in Palette knife. 'The meeting'    Sold 

                                                   oil painting in palette knife 20"x30"  'Low tide at Broadstairs'.     Sold

                                                     28"x36" oil painting in palette knife.   'The old town'.      SOLD

                                                                        20"x48" Oil Painting.     'Seashore workshop'.      SOLD

                                                                          Oil painting 42"x 32".   'The wave'.   Sold

                                                 Oil painting.       In meditation.         Sold

                                                         Oil painting commission 24"x32". Broadstairs 

                                             oil painting in palette knife 32"x24"  'The Promenade'. SOLD   

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